Natalya Lituta is a Russian-American designer and figurative artist. Her education is Master’s Degree in Art and Design from the State University of Karaganda. She established a Fashion Company for a custom made luxury clothing. After having immigrated to the United States she followed her passion and made a career in the Heart of Fashion Industry of New York City. Natalya was working in famous Design Studios making clothes for Oscar Presentations and theatrical costumes for Broadway shows like Merry Christmas.  She was one of the leading Technician Designers at the large American Company. Today Natalya is still working in a fashion industry in Denver and continues to work as a Doll Artist, Designer at her own doll brand Ingenue Dolls.

From her college years, she was dreaming of creating art dolls; but her dreams came to reality just after she immigrated to the United States. With work and family, the little free time that she had was occupied by art projects. The favorite of them all was creating art dolls. It took a lot of research and dedication to master the craft.

Her first static doll was made in 2007 from Super Sculpey, but she was disappointed with the material and inability to change a pose. Since then Natalya began to think about creating a Porcelain Ball-jointed doll (BJD). To create a BJD she gets to do it all: sculpture, technical design, painting, mold making, jewelry design, fabric design, and sewing. Her first BJD is Joy (The Frog Princess) was cast in 2012 and costumed in 2013. Joy was an instant success and captured perfectly Natalya's vision; a beautiful image of purity and kindness.

I moved to Denver, Colorado in 2015 from a very busy and rush New York City to enjoy quality of life and pursue my dream of designing and creating my doll line Ingenue Dolls. And I want to say one thing: Stop for a second and look around, there are so many beautiful and good things the world has to offer. Try to catch every moment of it and be happy!

Ingenue Dolls™ by
Natalya Lituta